USA Today: Here’s How Technology Can Help Reduce Political Polarization

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“They voted for Trump, so obviously we can’t talk about anything.”

“There’s no use reasoning with them; they’re left-wing nuts.”

“Why can’t they see that THEY are the problem?”

This type of extreme political polarization feels ordinary in today’s America. Confident ignorance and self-righteous anger seem normal. Apparently bent on division, we dismiss the other side instead of valuing alternative viewpoints.

These problems are easy to see. The challenge is fixing them.

AllSides, a technology startup founded in 2012, is producing the systems, services and technology to reverse society’s divisive trends. Co-founded by the former product manager team lead for Netscape Navigator (the world’s first popular web browser), AllSides was born from the realization that the internet should help reverse polarization instead of driving it.

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