The New Digital Economy

At Outlier Ventures in Chicago, Rumi Morales is focused on the creation of a new digital economy and knows that new and transformative businesses need 5G to succeed. Rumi, who is a Partner at Outlier and Head of Venture, expanded on this at our recent event in Chicago, “5G in the Windy City.” We caught […]

[email protected]: Connecting Chicago’s Latino Community to the Workforce of Tomorrow, Today

In the 21st century, digital literacy is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Every day, we’re becoming more reliant on technology to accomplish basic tasks, from making doctors’ appointments, to paying bills, to applying for jobs, to communicating with friends and family. The ability to use computers and access, create, and share digital […]

New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Britney Robbins’ goal is to change the narrative for underserved and historically marginalized entrepreneurs. Before starting The Gray Matter Experience, she had been working in various venture capital firms and tech incubators in Chicago but was often the only woman of color. As she told Blavity, “For me it was really strange that in my […]

Translation through Tech

Imagine going to the hospital for an emergency and not being able to communicate with the doctor because of a language barrier. Metaphrasis, a comprehensive language company based in Chicago, Illinois that believes everyone has a right to be heard, is there to help. Through its communication platform, Metaphrasis provides live interpreters and translators so […]

This is How Virtual Reality Treats Mental Health

If you’re considering mental therapy, your first thought may not be to reach for a virtual reality (VR) headset. Though most people associate VR with games and entertainment, the technology is gaining popularity as an effective way to treat anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Studies on the impact of VR on mental health therapy […]