The New York Times: How Virtual Reality is Augmenting Realty

In the span of 30 years, virtual reality has transformed from a science-fiction curio to a growing asset for the real estate industry. And some of the biggest changes in the field are now becoming commercially viable, thanks to the spread of affordable consumer hardware, like 360-degree cameras, and the ubiquity of powerful smartphones and […]

Chicago Inno: Meet the 14 Women in Tech Awards Winners

Women Tech Founders, a Chicago-based organization dedicated to advancing women in the tech industry, recognized 14 women from around the world on their achievements in tech. The third annual Women in Tech Awards were hosted Thursday night at Galleria Marchetti. The 14 winners were chosen from 65 finalists hailing from eight different countries, said Terri Brax, […]

Forbes: Chicago is Becoming a Marketing Technology Leader

Last week, Sprout Social subtly filed paperwork to go public and raise $100 million. It will be the first Chicago-based software firm to go public this year. With more and more businesses engaging with their customers and potential customers through social media, it’s not surprising that more than 23,000 companies turn to Sprout Social to help them […]

Gizmodo: What Are the Biggest Challenges Technology Must Overcome In the Next 10 Years?

Technology’s fine—I definitely like texting, and some of the shows on Netflix are tolerable—but the field’s got some serious kinks to work out. Some of these are hardware-related: when, for instance, will quantum computing become practical? Others are of more immediate concern. Is there some way to stop latently homicidal weirdos from getting radicalized online? […]

RE Journals: Chicago a Top Target For Tech Expansion

In the past year, technology firms accounted for more than 4 million square feet of occupancy in the Chicago CBD. With new tech job creation happening every year, the city is fast becoming a hub for West Coast firms seeking cheaper space. View full article in RE Journals.